Astronomy and planetary science

Astronomy and planetary science are the study of objects and phenomena that occur beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. This includes investigating stars and their interaction with each other and the planetary systems that orbit them.


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    Nature’s pages feature a look at the wonders of chemistry from a human angle and describe a solar explosion.

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    Radio images from the Low Frequency Array have revealed complex, filamentary radio emission around a radio galaxy undergoing multiple episodes of radio outbursts, showcasing the importance of magnetic fields for the survival of radio filaments far from the radio core.

    • Ruta Kale
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    At high pressure and temperature, water forms two crystalline phases, known as hot ‘black’ ices due to their partial opaqueness. A detailed characterization of these phases may explain magnetic field formation in giant icy planets like Neptune.

    • Simone Anzellini
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    A sophisticated climate model suggests that liquid-water oceans never formed on Venus, and that some planets outside the Solar System that were thought to be habitable might not be.

    • James F. Kasting
    •  & Chester E. Harman
    Nature 598, 259-260