Animal physiology

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    Comparisons across terrestrial and marine ectotherms reveal that marine species experience temperatures closer to their upper thermal limits, and that local extirpations related to warming are more common in the ocean.

    • Malin L. Pinsky
    • , Anne Maria Eikeset
    •  & Jennifer M. Sunday
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    A phylogenetic assessment based on Raman microspectroscopy of pigment traces in fossilized eggshells from all major dinosaur clades reveals that eggshell coloration and pigment pattern originated in nonavian theropod dinosaurs.

    • Jasmina Wiemann
    • , Tzu-Ruei Yang
    •  & Mark A. Norell
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    Unlike the tidal (in and out) breathing of mammals, bird lungs have unidirectional airflow patterns; here the savannah monitor lizard is shown to have unidirectional airflow too, with profound implications for the evolution of unidirectional airflow in reptiles, predating the origin of birds.

    • Emma R. Schachner
    • , Robert L. Cieri
    •  & C. G. Farmer
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    This phylogenomic study shows that core muscle proteins were already present in unicellular organisms before the origin of multicellular animals, and supports a convergent evolutionary model for striated muscles in which new proteins are added to ancient contractile apparatus during independent evolution of bilaterians and some non-bilaterians, resulting in very similar ultrastructures.

    • Patrick R. H. Steinmetz
    • , Johanna E. M. Kraus
    •  & Ulrich Technau