Agriculture is the cultivation of plants, animals, and some other organisms, such as fungi, for the production of food, fibre, fuel, and medicines used by society.


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    Sensitivity of US dairy production to extreme cold and heat has diminished over recent decades in large part due to improvements in management, breeding and technology. These adaptations have benefited milk yield by reducing the vulnerability of dairy production to cold and heat stress.

    • Matthew Tom Harrison
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    Local communities can play a role in helping to restore tropical peatlands by using more sustainable agricultural practices. Enhancing this role would help to address interconnected crises such as climate change, food security and environmental degradation.

    • Massimo Lupascu
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    China’s food demand is projected to grow and reshape its production and trade relations. A new study evaluates the consequent challenges for agricultural land, greenhouse gas emissions, fertilizer and irrigation water use in China and its trading partners.

    • Guolin Yao
  • Editorial |

    Anthropogenic climate change is often portrayed as a consequence of industrialization powered by fossil fuel consumption. However, agriculture also plays a role in this complex system of causes and effects.

    Nature Plants 7, 1323