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    Introducing non-local effects to metamaterials increases the complexity of their dispersion relation, which allows carefully designed elastic structures to mimic the peculiar roton behaviour of correlated quantum superfluids.

    • Romain Fleury
    Nature Physics 17, 766-767
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    Clever 3D-printed acoustic materials allow probing a new higher-order semimetallic topological phase using audible sound.

    • R. Fleury
    Nature Materials 20, 716-718
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    In first-century China, emperor Wang Mang standardized weights and measures in his newly established dynasty. Noa Hegesh tells the story of sound as the basis for this standardization.

    • Noa Hegesh
    Nature Physics 16, 1166
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    An elegant experiment showing that acoustic waves are amplified after scattering by a rotating body demonstrates an effect predicted in 1971 by Yakov Zel’dovich. This result has implications for the understanding of scattering from black holes.

    • Bruce W. Drinkwater
    Nature Physics 16, 1010-1011
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    The note A tuned to 440 Hz only became the norm for musical performance in 1939 after decades of international and interdisciplinary disputes. Fanny Gribenski retraces this rocky path.

    • Fanny Gribenski
    Nature Physics 16, 232