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  • This month, we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Philip Anderson’s landmark essay ‘More is Different’.

  • The digital transformation doesn’t stop at metrology as Shanay Rab, Meher Wan and Sanjay Yadav explain.

    • Shanay Rab
    • Meher Wan
    • Sanjay Yadav
    Measure for Measure
  • A fundamental technical challenge in the analysis of network data is the automated discovery of communities — groups of nodes that are strongly connected or that share similar features or roles. In this Comment we review progress in the field over the past 20 years.

    • Santo Fortunato
    • Mark E. J. Newman
  • Across the world, decisions on investment and policy are made under the assumption of continuous economic expansion. Fundamental physical limits may soon put an end to this phase of development, as foreshadowed by the 1972 report The Limits to Growth.

    • Thomas W. Murphy Jr
  • The impact of legal metrology often remains unnoticed in our everyday lives. Pavel Klenovsky, Marc Wouters and Wilfried de Waal instruct us in trade and legal regulations.

    • Pavel Klenovsky
    • Marc Wouters
    • Wilfried de Waal
    Measure for Measure
  • Emerging quantum technologies pose new measurement challenges, but also offer previously unknown measurement solutions. National metrology institutes are playing a leading role in this fast evolving world.

    • Alexander Tzalenchuk
    • Nicolas Spethmann
    • Barbara L. Goldstein
  • As we celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson, CERN’s Director-General at that time reminisces about the years leading up to this milestone.

    • Rolf-Dieter Heuer
  • We celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson — a whopping 48 years after its prediction.

  • Glass, now celebrated with a dedicated International Year, continues to fascinate.

  • The shift of the definition of the kilogram in 2019 away from an artefact to one relying on the Planck constant inspires technological innovation, as Naoki Kuramoto elucidates.

    • Naoki Kuramoto
    Measure for Measure
  • Against the backdrop of various philosophical accounts, this Comment argues for the need of a human rights approach to scientific progress, which requires us to rethink how we view scientific knowledge.

    • Michela Massimi
  • As conventions in scholarly publishing evolve, it is appropriate to reassess the options that we provide to our authors. In this spirit, Nature Physics will soon stop accepting submissions in our Letter format.