December issue

This month's issue features the simulation of spin dynamics using cold atoms, advice on how to talk to a non-specialist, and an Insight on ultracold atom technologies.


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  • Ultracold

    The impressive achievements made with quantum gases rely on continuous improvements in the underlying methods. This Insight reviews recent technological advances that have deepened and broadened the capabilities of ultracold gas experiments

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    • The physics of large systems is often understood as the outcome of the local operations among its components. Now, it is shown that this picture may be incomplete in quantum systems whose interactions are constrained by symmetries.

      • Álvaro M. Alhambra
      News & Views
    • The atmospheres of most planets in our Solar System have a single large cyclonic vortex at each of their poles. Jupiter with its polygonal cyclones surrounding a single one, however, falls out of line, owing to an energy transfer to larger scales.

      • Agustín Sánchez-Lavega
      News & Views
    • The dynamics of quantum information and entanglement is closely linked to the physics of thermalization. A quantum simulator comprised of superconducting qubits has measured the spread of quantum information in a many-body system.

      • A. Safavi-Naini
      News & Views
  • The Guided Open Access pilot we are trialling with five other journals in the Nature Portfolio will continue into 2022. We highlight some of the main lessons we’ve learned so far.

  • To celebrate the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, James Gallagher tells the story of the British thermal unit, a unit for heat.

    • James Gallagher
    Measure for Measure

Ultracold quantum technologies

The impressive achievements made with quantum gases rely on continuous improvements in the underlying methods.

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