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  • By using a battery of experimental and theoretical methods, it is shown that ion intercalation into the electrode material birnessite is mediated by structural water.

    • Patrice Simon
    • Yury Gogotsi
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  • The giant magnetoelastic effect measured in magnetic elastomers enables new energy generators for wearable and implantable electronics.

    • Denys Makarov
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  • Coupled liquid-crystalline network oscillators incorporating light-responsive molecules show synchronized motion when stimulated by light. This behaviour resembles that of synchronized clock pendulums and may find uses in advanced soft robotics applications.

    • Yanlei Yu
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  • The polar magnetic semimetal NdAlSi hosts Weyl fermions that promote helical magnetism, and defines a roadmap for future work on correlated topological matter.

    • Max Hirschberger
    • Yoshinori Tokura
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  • An interplay between deswelling and buckling in a polymer gel is harnessed to achieve sequential snap events for repeatable jumping motion, opening the door to autonomously moving soft robots.

    • Johannes T. B. Overvelde
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  • Controlled nanophotonic fabrication in silicon carbide enables the quantum manipulation of nuclear spins with optical and spin coherence comparable to the pristine material, setting the ground for scalable integrated quantum networks.

    • S. Castelletto
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  • A functional bioadhesive has been developed to possess properties such as mechanical compliance, electrical conductivity and optical transparency, and is utilized for bonding electronic devices to various organs in the body for up to several months.

    • Tsuyoshi Sekitani
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  • Nanoarchitected carbon composed of intricate tube-in-tube beams connected with nanostruts has been fabricated, achieving both ultralightweight and ultrahigh modulus.

    • Yujia Wang
    • Xiaoyan Li
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  • A transparent suspension containing colloidal silica is used to additively manufacture three-dimensional structures and photonic devices of silica glass at the nanoscale.

    • Paolo Colombo
    • Giorgia Franchin
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  • Centimetre-scale crack-free metal nanolattices are realized, enabling outstanding high tensile strength in low-density materials.

    • Andreas Stein
    • Nathan A. Mara
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  • Tamm plasmon thermal emitters can provide efficient infrared emission, but are limited by design complexity. Now, the inverse design of Tamm modes facilitated by CdO films on aperiodic dielectric reflectors enables emission with an on-demand spectrum.

    • Juerg Leuthold
    • Alexander Dorodnyy
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  • Thermoelectric materials can generate energy from a heat differential. This Review provides an overview of mid- to high-temperature thermoelectrics, their application in modules, and the issues that need to be addressed to enable commercial implementation of state-of-the-art materials.

    • Qingyu Yan
    • Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
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  • Integrin-mediated substrate-rigidity sensing triggers microtubule acetylation, modulating mechanosensitive cellular responses and focal adhesion dynamics, subsequently promoting actomyosin organization and collective cell migration.

    • Kseniia Porshneva
    • Guillaume Montagnac
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  • The processes of metallic asperities moving across each other, which are decisive in most machinery, have been visualized at the atomic scale, revealing unexpected behaviour especially when under tensile stress.

    • Udo D. Schwarz
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  • A seemingly disordered network of nanowires governed by thermodynamics is used as the physical ‘reservoir’ in a memristive implementation of reservoir computing to process spatiotemporal information.

    • Qiangfei Xia
    • J. Joshua Yang
    • Rivu Midya
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  • Scanning tunnelling microscopy experiments reveal a chiral charge density wave order underpinning the anomalous Hall effect in kagome lattice materials. Under pressure this charge order is suppressed, while superconductivity gets a boost.

    • Erik van Heumen
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  • Amorphous silicon shows abnormal tension–compression asymmetry, with much higher tensile yield strength than compressive yield. This discovery advances our understanding of plasticity in this and other similar amorphous materials.

    • D. C. Chrzan
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