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  • New technologies allow the noninvasive detection and staging of asymptomatic alcohol-associated liver disease; further refinement of this approach could transform clinical management and improve patient outcomes.

    • Tiffany Wu
    • Shawna A. Cooper
    • Vijay H. Shah
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  • Preventing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in adults will require innovative public health approaches focused on children and families, to improve risk factor trajectories across the lifespan and prioritize children at highest risk of future disease.

    • James A. de Lemos
    • Ann Marie Navar
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  • Electronic cigarettes might be superior to nicotine replacement therapy as a quitting aid for pregnant women — but enthusiasm is hampered by low rates of smoking cessation and unknown long-term harm.

    • Yael Bar-Zeev
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  • The DAWN and SEED trials demonstrate the potential of glucokinase activators for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, but how they fit in the overall treatment algorithm remains to be determined.

    • Klara R. Klein
    • John B. Buse
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  • As the pandemic evolves, questions remain but field studies are increasingly difficult; if carefully designed, human challenge models could offer a practical and timely solution.

    • Kathryn M. Edwards
    • Kathleen M. Neuzil
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  • Antibiotic resistance genes evolve in the environment, in animals, and in humans; strategic action is needed on all three fronts to help understand resistance and to limit its spread.

    • Christina M. J. E. Vandenbroucke-Grauls
    • Jan A. J. W. Kluytmans
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  • Armored CAR T cells show early signs of clinical activity in patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer, paving the way for further development and optimization.

    • Nicholas P. Tschernia
    • Scott M. Norberg
    • James L. Gulley
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  • New technologies are expanding the reach and accessibility of preimplantation genetic testing of human embryos. But what these advances can deliver is still unclear, and a frank assessment of their profound ethical implications is urgently needed.

    • Josephine Johnston
    • Lucas J. Matthews
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  • A prospective meta-analysis supports the cardiovascular safety of the dual incretin receptor agonist tirzepatide, after promising clinical outcomes in the SURPASS-4 study.

    • Filipe A. Moura
    • Benjamin M. Scirica
    • Christian T. Ruff
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  • New data confirm that the COVID-19 vaccine booster dose is crucial for the generation of neutralizing antibody responses against Omicron, while better therapeutic antibodies are needed for this and future variants.

    • Xiaoying Shen
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  • Integrated analysis of microbiome and metabolome profiles in unique cohorts reveals early and late markers of the transition towards ischemic heart disease.

    • Ellen E. Blaak
    • Willem M. de Vos
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  • A first-in-class therapeutic that targets neuroactive microbial metabolites in the gut shows promising target engagement, safety and behavioral improvements in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

    • Rochellys Diaz Heijtz
    • Pierre Gressens
    • Jonathan R. Swann
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  • Studies have demonstrated the value of genomic analysis for the diagnosis of rare diseases, but accessibility is still in its infancy; global data sharing is needed to further advance our knowledge of all causes of rare disease.

    • Heidi L. Rehm
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