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This month we look at perovskite solar farms, electrification of containerships, the cost of capital in electrification models and more.

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    • Managing climate risk exposures of assets and loan portfolios is increasingly important for actors within financial markets. This Review examines how such risks affect investor behaviour and hence the wider energy sector, and highlights areas for future research into the interactions between them.

      • Arthur A. van Benthem
      • Edmund Crooks
      • Johannes Stroebel
      Review Article
    • Flexible all-perovskite tandem photovoltaics open up new opportunities for application compared to rigid devices, yet their performance lags behind. Now, researchers show that molecule-bridged interfaces mitigate charge recombination and crack formation, improving the efficiency and mechanical reliability of flexible devices.

      • Martin Stolterfoht
      • Felix Lang
      News & Views
    • In the intensive search for novel battery architectures, the spotlight is firmly on solid-state lithium batteries. Now, a strategy based on solid-state sodium–sulfur batteries emerges, making it potentially possible to eliminate scarce materials such as lithium and transition metals.

      • S. Ohno
      • W. G. Zeier
      News & Views
    • One of the key targets for further development of sodium-ion batteries is to improve their cycle life. Now, an electrolyte formulation is proposed to tackle the dissolution of both the solid-electrolyte interphases and the transition metals in cathodes, leading to enhanced cyclability.

      • Gustav Åvall
      • Philipp Adelhelm
      News & Views
    • Electrification models used to plan future energy systems have become increasingly sophisticated, but typically oversimplify the financial landscape. New research shows that more accurate accounting of the costs of capital significantly changes the least-cost pathway to providing electrification across sub-Saharan Africa.

      • Jonathan T. Lee
      News & Views

5th anniversary

The January 2021 issue marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of Nature Energy.