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Job Opportunities at East China Normal University

Founded in Shanghai in October 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of China’s top research universities. Directly under the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the national key university programs—“Project 211” and “Project 985”—the university is renowned for its teacher education and high-level research programs in both basic and applied sciences.

In 2017, ECNU was selected into Class A of the Double First Class Program (First Class University and First Class Academic Discipline in the World), an education initiative launched by the Ministry of Education aiming at developing elite Chinese universities into world-class institutions by the end of 2050.

Adhering to the strategy of pursuing interdisciplinary development, internationalization, and informatization, ECNU has made great achievements in talent training, scientific research, community service and international exchanges in the past few decades.

With the five action plans, i.e. Education Plus, Ecology Plus, Health Plus, Intelligence Plus and Internationalization Plus as the petals, the university is working hard to forge the Flower of Happiness, ECNU’s recently formulated university development initiative. With all these efforts, ECNU intends to fulfill its vision of “Creativity, Character and Community”.

Job Opportunities

ECNU invites applications for tenure-track faculty positions in multiple disciplines in all ranks from assistant professors to full professors. The positions of research scientists and postdoctoral fellowships are also open for application.


Applicants must possess a doctorate degree in a closely related field and show evidence of relevant teaching and research experience, including peer-reviewed publications. They must have a professional record that proves their external funding history or potential.

For more detailed information, please contact: 

Personnel Department

Contactor: Mr.Wang

Office Tel: 86-21-62235058

E-mail: cwang@bio.ecnu.edu.cn

Department of Philosophy

Contactor: Mr.Wang

Office Tel: 86-21-54344877

E-mail: bjwang@admin.ecnu.edu.cn

Department of History

Contactor: Ms.Li

Office Tel: 86-21-54342643

E-mail: fhli@history.ecnu.edu.cn

Si-mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities

Contactor: Ms.Wang

Office Tel: 86-21-54345285

E-mail: yqwang@admin.ecnu.edu.cn

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Contactor: Ms.Zhang

Office Tel: 86-21-54344874

E-mail: zxm030@126.com

School of Communication

Contactor: Mr.Qi

Office Tel: 86-21-54343075

E-mail: tqi@comm.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Fine Arts

Contactor: Ms.Li

Office Tel: 86-21-54345315

E-mail: hli@art.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Music

Contactor: Ms.Yang

Office Tel: 86-21-54345317

E-mail: hyyang@comm.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Design

Contactor: Ms.Zhang

Office Tel: 86-21-62232742

E-mail: jzhang@design.ecnu.edu.cn

School of International Chinese Studies

Contactor: Ms.Yao

Office Tel: 86-21-62232196

E-mail: emily_yao@126.com

Faculty of Education Sciences

Contactor: Ms.Xie

Office Tel: 86-21-62233607

E-mail: rxie@ses.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Psychology and Cognitive Science

Contactor: Mr.Zhang

Office Tel: 86-21-62230090

E-mail: pqzhang@philo.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Foreign Languages

Contactor: Ms.Zhu

Office Tel: 86-21-54340725

E-mail: shuchang1906@163.com

Faculty of Economics and Management

Contactor: Ms.Zhang、Ms Wang

Office Tel: 86-21-62231013

E-mail: hr@fem.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Law

Contactor: Ms.Miao

Office Tel: 86-21-33503655

E-mail: ymiao@law.ecnu.edu.cn

Department of Politics

Contactor: Mr.Zhao

Office Tel: 86-21-54342902

E-mail: zqzhao@dlps.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Social Development

Contactor: Ms.Ding

Office Tel: 86-21-34756050

E-mail: 18817317952@163.com

School of Marxism

Contactor: Mr.Sun

Office Tel: 86-21-54341304

E-mail: jsun@admin.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Advanced International and Area Studies

Contactor: Ms.Chen

Office Tel: 86-21-62232113

E-mail: jchen@saias.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Sports and Health

Contactor: Ms.Hu

Office Tel: 86-21-54342614

E-mail: yjhu@tyxx.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Mathematics Science

Contactor: Ms.Liu

Office Tel: 86-21-54342633-130

E-mail: xyliu@math.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Physics and Electronic Science

Contactor: Ms.Feng

Office Tel: 86-21-54342731

E-mail: jyfeng@phy.ecnu.edu.cn

State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy

Contactor: Ms.Guo

Office Tel: 86-21-54836023

E-mail: zhguo@lps.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Contactor: Ms.Shen

Office Tel: 86-21-54340115

E-mail: qshen@chem.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Geographic Sciences

Contactor: Mr.Liu

Office Tel: 86-21-54341218

E-mail: rczp@geo.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Urban and Regional Sciences

Contactor: Ms.Cheng

Office Tel: 86-21-54341305

E-mail: chengtingting20@163.com

School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Contactor: Ms.Song

Office Tel: 86-21-54341162

E-mail: msong@des.ecnu.edu.cn

State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research

Contactor: Ms.Wang

Office Tel: 86-21-54836491

E-mail: lwang@sklec.ecnu.edu.cn

Institute of Eco-Chongming

Contactor: Ms.Lu

Office Tel: 86-21-59611221

E-mail: mxlu@chm.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Life Sciences

Contactor: Ms.Wang

Office Tel: 86-21-54342603

E-mail: yangwang@bio.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Computer Science and Technology

Contactor: Ms.Song

Office Tel: 86-21-62224237

E-mail: qsong@cs.ecnu.edu.cn

Software Engineering Institute

Contactor: Ms.Yang

Office Tel: 86-21-62235208

E-mail: yangyang@sei.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Data Science and Engineering

Contactors: Ms.Yu

Office Tel: 86-21-62235027

E-mail: hpyu@dase.ecnu.edu.cn

School of Communication and Electroinc Engineering

Contactor: Ms.Cai

Office Tel: 86-21-54345155

E-mail: xmcai@sist.ecnu.edu.cn

Joint institute for translational science and technology

Contactor: Ms.Zhu

Office Tel: 86-21-33503059

E-mail: wnzhu@jti.ecnu.edu.cn

Institute of Urban Development

Contactor: Ms.Zhang

Office Tel: 86-21-62232980

E-mail: hnzhang@admin.ecnu.edu.cn

Institute of Brain Science and Educational Innovation

Contactor: Mr.Zhang

Office Tel: 86-21-62233528

E-mail: zhangkai@admin.ecnu.edu.cn

Institute of Socialist Historical Document

Contactor: Ms.Zhou

Office Tel: 86-21-54340167

E-mail: nzhou@history.ecnu.edu.cn

Health Science Center

Contactor: Ms.Yu

Office Tel: 86-21-62235057

E-mail: yxycjb@admin.ecnu.edu.cn


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