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    Reference genome assemblies provide a map of a species’ DNA sequence and its spatial context—that is, where along the chromosomes a specific piece of DNA sequence can be found.

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    When nature strikes with full force, there is often little that can be done against.

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    Behind every athlete at this year’s Olympic Games stands a team of scientists tasked with ensuring competitors can safely perform to the limit of their ability. From developing training techniques to protecting sporting integrity, science has never been so important in elite sport.

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    Originally treasured as a beautiful, symbolic and expensive gemstone, and later developed as an industrial work-horse, diamond is now entering a new realm of sensing applications that depend on its unique quantum characteristics.

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    Sustainability, climate change and biomedical science are key areas for future research prowess in Asia Pacific.

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    In March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic shuttered labs, schools and airports worldwide, Nature asked John Tregoning to share his personal experience week-by-week. Here are his 19 diary entries.

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    New energy technologies offer solutions to global energy issues, as well as the climate change crisis, and are therefore, becoming political and investment priorities in many countries.

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    China’s rapid development and the movement of its citizens into cities has long kept ecology low in lists of priorities. But now, as the country commits to sustainability and plans its hosting of the 2021 United Nations biodiversity conference, scientists are helping the country to plan fairer growth – balancing both economy and ecology.

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    Founded in 1921 by Tan Kah Kee, an overseas Chinese philanthropist, Xiamen University has developed a culture of innovation and openness via its century-long growth.

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    The publication of the first drafts of the human genome launched a new era in biological discovery, collapsing the number of expected genes, but vastly expanding the understanding of genetic regulation. Now, as researchers pump out individual genomes and genomic analyses by the tens of thousands, the field is contending with some of the same central conflicts regarding data availability, equity and privacy. This special looks at what the 20 years in a post-genome world has wrought, and what to expect in the next 20.

    Image: Illustration by Ana Kova
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    The past two decades have witnessed extraordinary technological and computational advances in nucleic acid sequencing. This Milestone timeline provides a perspective of major genomic sequencing-related developments in the 21st century — from the first human reference genome, through methodological breakthroughs, to the impact of sequencing on fields as diverse as microbiology, cancer and palaeogenetics.

    Image: Chris Ryan