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    Academic research constantly disperses seeds of scientific insight.

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    2021 marks the centenary of the discovery of insulin. Since that landmark discovery, huge advances have taken place in our understanding of the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, as well as improvements in the treatment of patients with diabetes.

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    Around 25,000 people die every day from ischaemic heart disease, making it by far the world’s biggest killer.

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    King Abdullah International Medical Research Centre (KAIMRC) organized the 11th Annual Forum for Medical Research, dedicating its latest edition to “COVID-19 Vaccines: Global Challenges & Prospects.”

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    The Zhongguancun Life Science Park, in Beijing’s Changping district, is home to more than 500 research institutions and companies — such as the Chinese Institute for Brain Research, the National Institute of Biological Sciences, and Wantai BioPharm — focused on cutting-edge life sciences, biotechnology and biomedical research.

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    China's successes in space, quantum technologies and cutting-edge chemistry underline its superpower status in research.

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    This collection of articles showcases African scientists who have developed their careers at home and abroad.

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    Founded in 1921 as Jiangxi Public Medical School, Nanchang University (NCU), located in Nanchang City, in China’s Jiangxi Province, has developed into a national double first-class university with particular strengths in the arts, science, technology and medicine.

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    Reference genome assemblies provide a map of a species’ DNA sequence and its spatial context—that is, where along the chromosomes a specific piece of DNA sequence can be found.

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    When nature strikes with full force, there is often little that can be done against.

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