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    This reprint collection marks the tenth anniversary of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in South Korea.

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    Aquatic foods are an important component of many food systems, yet have received little attention in international food policy discourse.

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    COP15 will bring together governments from across the world to chart the course that could help transform society’s relationship with nature. As the host country, China stands ready to facilitate this landmark conference that will agree on goals and actions that put nature at the center of decision making.

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    When developing a research programme and direction, some scientists can find it helpful to create a mission statement to make clear their scientific ambitions. Nature speaks to working scientists about creating a research philosophy.

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    Everyone wants the best for their children, but sometimes biological miscues obstruct that hope. This is true for sickle-cell disease, a disorder in which red blood cells take on an abnormal shape — leading to pain, organ damage and shorter lives.

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    International agreements like the Montreal Protocol and the Kigali Amendment have been largely successful in reducing the emissions of ozone depleting substances.

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    Our immune system is an invaluable ally, protecting us from viruses and other foreign invaders that would do us harm.

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    The availability of big data has greatly expanded opportunities to study society and human behaviour through the prism of computational analyses. The resulting field is known as computational social science and is defined by its interdisciplinary approaches. However, this type of cross-discipline work is intrinsically challenging, calling for the development of new collaborations and toolkits. In this Nature special collection of articles, we explore some of the fundamental questions and opportunities in computational social science.

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    Researchers are rethinking the nature and potential of matter. From new metal mixes that form more efficient catalysts to bio-inspired super-black products, their work is driving advances in manufacturing, drug discovery and product design.

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