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    Despite being one of the most lethal cancers, ovarian cancer has often been overlooked. However, advances in understanding of the disease have begun to yield improvements in care.

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    Their goals may be different, and so may the paths they are taking to reach them, but the universities aged 50 and under featured in this Nature Index supplement are proof that youth need not be a barrier to strong research performance.

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    The progressive damage to the retina seen in the most common advanced form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) cannot currently be slowed, let alone stopped. Researchers are pursuing a wide variety of strategies to change this.

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    Cancer, in all its forms, is most treatable when caught early.

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    Some rare heart defects in newborns can be managed by rerouting the circulatory system — and surgeons are working to intervene before a fetus is born.

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    Key to Canada’s strength as a leading science nation is its high-quality research, informed by its vast natural resources. But the country is losing ground in areas where it held an early lead.

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    China’s pharmaceutical industry is increasingly well-placed to grow as it becomes more globally focussed through international partnerships, increasing innovation and bedding down recent regulatory change.

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    Women often face institutional and cultural barriers to success in science.

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