Droplet motility

Artificial molecular systems in water can help delineate how movement emerges. In lipid droplets, interfacial tension can sustain droplet motility, which can adapt to different environmental cues.


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  • New synthetic methodology enables the formation of a fluorine-substituted benzene bioisostere: strained, saturated bicyclo[1.1.1]pentane.

    • Stephanie Greed
    Research Highlight
  • Centrifugal force can be used to improve the alignment of block copolymer domains in a thin film.

    • Stephen G. Davey
    Research Highlight
  • The use of molecular balances allows for dissecting competing solvent effects from hydrogen bonding interactions.

    • Stacey-Lynn Paiva
    Research Highlight
  • Chemistry degrees are often very broad. What might a degree look like if we covered fewer topics more deeply?

    • Michael O’Neill
    In the Classroom
  • Solid-state synthesis provides a route to more sustainable fertilizer.

    • Stephen G. Davey
    Research Highlight

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021

The 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to Benjamin List and David MacMillan for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis.