About the Partner

The European Society of Human Genetics is an international professional society founded in 1967 which:

  • promotes research in basic and applied human and medical genetics
  • facilitates contact between all persons who share these aims

Members (researchers, clinicians, laboratory scientists, psychologists and other social scientists, bioethicists, non-medical genetic counsellors) are involved in all disciplines of human genetics, including: biochemical, clinical, cancer, molecular and population genetics cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics and genomics.

The Society offers the possibility of meeting and collaborating with colleagues throughout Europe.

We are especially interested in encouraging young scientists and clinicians, and in the transfer of technology and provision of genetic services for the developing European countries.

The Society's activities include:

  • organization of the annual European Human Genetics Conference
  • publication of the prestigious European Journal of Human Genetics
  • an active Public and Professional Policy Committee