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Nature Outlook |

Autoimmune disease

Our immune system is an invaluable ally, protecting us from viruses and other foreign invaders that would do us harm. But sometimes this powerful defensive armoury turns against healthy tissues. Now, researchers are finding ways to bring the immune system back on side.

Nature is pleased to acknowledge financial support from Global Autoimmune Institute in producing this Outlook. The sponsor retains sole responsibility for the following message.


Global Autoimmune Institute is a non-profit organization headquartered in McLean, Virginia, United States. Since 2014, we’ve empowered solutions in the diagnosis, treatment, and day-to-day challenges of living with autoimmune disease.  We address the needs of the autoimmune disease community by funding scientific investigations and clinical research studies, developing and distributing educational resources, and funding and promoting the practice of multidisciplinary medicine. 

On our website we provide informative articles, comprehensive resources, educational podcasts and webcasts, and unique tools to assist with the individual and their loved ones’ journeys to attain improved health and quality of life.  We extensively engage on social media: hashtag #MyAutoimmuneVoice, and handle @autoimmunegai, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our monthly virtual support group provides members of the community with an opportunity to share, learn and connect.

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