Why publish with the BDJ?

  • For recognition: set up in 1872, the BDJ is one of the longest established dental journals in the world
  • For real-world impact: influence front-line dental practice through the BDJ’s wide clinical readership
  • For expert advice: we have a dedicated and experienced editorial team to guide you through publication
  • For wide dissemination: get big online attention and social impact

Take a look at the following case studies to learn about the real-world effect that publicising your BDJ article can have... whether getting it read more, shared more, or cited more.​


Case Studies

The oral microbiome – an update for oral healthcare professionals

Published in November 2016, the authors of this highly-cited BDJ paper chose to publish open access, which ensured the immediate and wide dissemination of their work. On publication, the article was profiled in an international email campaign to a targeted audience of nearly 6000 people and was shared widely through 79 tweets, 12 Facebook posts and in 4 news stories.

So far, this paper has been cited 172 times.





Periodontal diagnosis in the context of the 2017 classification system of periodontal diseases and conditions – implementation in clinical practice

This clinical article, published in collaboration with the British Society of Periodontology was included in two email campaigns to over 10,000 people around the world. It appears in 3 BDJ Collections and it was shared considerably through social media, including 79 tweets and 2 Facebook posts. To date, this activity has resulted in over 44,000 accesses.





Contributing author to both this and The oral microbiome’ article, Professor Iain Chapple comments:

Our experience of publishing with the BDJ was an extremely positive one. The processes were very efficient and peer reviewing was high quality and very balanced, considering the breadth of the target audience and readership.

Most importantly, the Editor in Chief and Editorial team were very strategic in their publication planning and their post-publication promotion of the paper, ensuring maximum impact and dissemination. It was one of the most positive and engaging experiences I have had in my publishing career.


The safety and efficacy of ‘over the counter’ bleaching products in the UK

Published in February 2019, this article created quite an impact on publication and was picked up by both traditional news media and social media, amassing an Altmetric Attention Score of 929, putting it in the top 1% of all published articles of a similar age. It appeared in 122 news stories around the world, and featured in 12 tweets reaching over 57,000 readers. 





Corresponding author Dr Joseph Greenwall-Cohen said: When it came to selecting a journal to publish our research in, the British Dental Journal was our first choice. Its reputation is second to none and continues to build on its proud history of publishing innovative articles by leading authors in our field.

The BDJ team were helpful and together with the online manuscript tracking system ensured a smooth transition process. They were also invaluable in disseminating the research and increasing the outreach of the article. I continue to be impressed with the team and will not hesitate to publish with the BDJ again.


The role of the diet in tooth wear

The authors of this influential paper from 2018 were delighted to see it appear in 80 news stories, feature in 6 Facebook posts and reach over 245,000 readers through Twitter. 






Corresponding author Dr Saoirse O’Toole commented: It was a pleasure to publish in the British Dental Journal alongside other respected authors in my field. I was delighted at the reach of the article and thank the BDJ team for helping to bring awareness to the condition of erosive tooth wear. The submission process was very quick and the editorial team were helpful in their communications. I would not hesitate to publish in the BDJ again.