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Gaping gob reveal


Sir, a literary-minded friend recently commented that he has toyed with writing a poem based on a dental check up. He has noticed a certain metre to the words we so often incant! Having supplied him with a few technical terms, he returned the following to me. I thought it was rather splendid and would like to share it.

How Gerard Manley Hopkins may have written up a dental examination:


Cavernous cavity of gaping gob reveal enigmatic enamelled elements; delirious dentine of smiley-smirk pearl lustre.

Number nominal, in mirror reflect mesio-occlusal, buccal abrasion, palatal composite gnash, grind, rip, tear, chew; as pontic and abutment bridge and thus, oh! redeem sick-sherbert-sweet induced decay.

John Smith

He promises a sequel - in the style of John Betjeman!

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