Fig. 1: Stressor posterior distributions. | Nature

Fig. 1: Stressor posterior distributions.

From: Environmental performance of blue foods

Fig. 1

a, Aquaculture GHG emissions (kgCO2e t−1). b, Aquaculture N (kgNe t−1). c, Aquaculture P (kgPe t−1). d, Capture GHG emissions (kgCO2e t−1) e, Aquaculture Water use (m3 t−1). f, Aquaculture land use (m2a t−1). Values represent tonnes of edible weight and use mass allocation. Dot indicates the median, coloured regions show credible intervals (that is, range of values that have a 95% (light), 80% and 50% (dark) probability of containing the true parameter value). Beige bands represent estimated chicken minimum to maximum range. See Supplementary Fig 10 for estimates expressed in terms of live weight Source data.

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