Extended Data Table 4 Overview of CO and CO2 emission estimates for different experiments

From: Vast CO2 release from Australian fires in 2019–2020 constrained by satellite

  1. Comparison of the November to January 2019–2020 posterior CO and CO2 emission estimates (in Tg) for different experiments in which different flux and background scaling parameters were tested, in combination with different structures of the error covariance matrix P. The fraction of negative flux parameters (compared with the total parameters) is shown in the final column. The experiment in bold represents one of the five original estimates reported herein. The minimum and maximum CO2 emission estimates (517.0 and 866.9 Tg CO2) are incorporated into Fig. 4.
  2. *Alternative background derived from CO concentration upwind of the fires.
  3. Prior flux adjustment everywhere fire inventory fluxes are zero.