Extended Data Table 3 Comparison of published CO2 and CO emission factors and their ratios

From: Vast CO2 release from Australian fires in 2019–2020 constrained by satellite

  1. Comparison of the emission factors (EFs) for CO2 and CO (in g kg−1 dry matter) reported in the literature7,38,39,40,41,42. The EF ratio (EFR) between CO2 and CO is calculated for different locations in Southeast Australia (NSW, New South Wales; TAS, Tasmania; VIC, Victoria). The final row displays the average and the ± 1σ standard deviation of EFs and EFRs across all studies. The ± 1σ standard deviation of EFR is calculated using equation (9) in the Supplementary Information.
  2. *Data sets from table 4 in ref. 7.
  3. Data based on an average across all flaming and smouldering samples.