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Stresses in thin sheets at fluid interfaces

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Fig. 1: Measuring the stress in a thin film at a fluid interface.
Fig. 2: Measured meniscus profiles.
Fig. 3: Gedankenexperiment.

Data availability

Source data for Fig. 2 are provided with the paper. All remaining data are available from the authors upon request.

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We gratefully acknowledge financial support through the Keck Foundation, NSF-DMR 1507650, 1905698 (NM), NSF-CAREER DMR 1151780 (D.K., B.D.), NSF-DMR 1822439 (B.D.), and the Army Research Office under W911NF-17-1-0003 (T.P.R.). We thank J. D. Paulsen for useful discussions.

Author information

Authors and Affiliations



D.K., T.P.R., B.D. and N.M. contributed to the overall concept of the study. D.K. and N.M. contributed to experimental design. D.K. took the data. D.K., B.D. and N.M. contributed to data analysis. B.D. conceived the gedankenexperiment in Fig. 3. All authors contributed to writing and editing the manuscript.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Narayanan Menon.

Ethics declarations

Competing interests

The authors declare no competing interests.

Source data

Source Data Fig. 2.

Measured menisci profiles for film-covered and bare water surfaces.

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